The habit of enjoying the good products that nature donates and the great love for the countryside, led Mario De Giorgi with daring initiative and enthusiasm to start his agro food company to store and preserve the agricultural products of his land. Here at QualitaliaPuglia, the company that Mario is managing with the help of his son Nicola, thanks to our main brand Via Rafi Numero Uno, we transform vegetables and fresh fruits  in good and privileged preserves. Produced with traditional methods and without the use of any added preservative, our products are great for any natural food diet that is classic Mediterranean, Vegetarian or Vegan. Heirs of an ancient tradition, which considers the genuineness and goodness as values which are inseparable from all that is good nutrition. We believe that the old recipes are guardians of a heritage to be preserved, to be handed down and spread to new generations and to other countries. We are the keepers of a process that, even while respecting the old recipes, is in line with the highest quality standards, giving us the possibility to offer products that are genuine, safe and certified trying to reconcile tradition with the taste of modern cuisine , combining it to an attractive and highly effective packaging.

That’s why our products are real gastronomic delights!


Apulia and especially Salento territory, the very heel of the boot of Italy, give us our roots and our inspiration: a land of climatic contrasts, colours and scents, with a variety of fresh products, and this variety is our first major resource in the preserved food sector. The top quality of our products comes first by the territory where the raw materials are cultivated, one of the most beautiful  in the Mediterranean areas, the so called Salento,  a land molded by the wind, caressed by the sea and kissed by the sun mostly for the whole year. Salento is the origin of the huge variety of our vegetables and of our typical recipes with which our jars are filled  freshly and seasonally. Tomatoes, artichokes, eggplant, mushrooms, zucchini, wild onions, peppers all bring their savoury flavors to the preserves, the flavors of the land of Apulia and of Italy, flavors which are unequalled and unique.



Each stage of relevant processing, since the purchasing of fresh vegetables, is really important in order to get top-quality final products. Carefully selected and cleaned, vegetables are parboiled in water and vinegar in order to give them a fresh permanent light colour and the proper acidity degree: this is an essential treatment to protect against any bacteriological contamination. Then, there comes the point when the different recipes are prepared. Jars - which had been previously washed - are filled with vegetables, covered with olive oil, sealed with a cap, and pasteurized in a water bath (the so called Bain Marie method). Vegetables preserved in the indicated manner can be used in many different ways: as appetizer together with tarallini (kind of ring-shaped savoury biscuit) and bruschetta (toasted slices of bread), as side dish or trimmings with meat-based dishes or cheese; pastes, instead, are spread on canapés, pizza or on roast meat and mixed with pasta. Food-processing is thoroughly hand made and absolutely excludes the use of chemical additives, synthetic preservatives or semi-processed goods. Moreover, a part of the treatment is performed by hand in order to avoid the injurious effect of machines.


That’s why our products are real gastronomic delights!


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